Carragher photos

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Emily & Mommy enjoying the beach.
Emily found 'something' which is very interesting!
Ashleigh seems to be 'deep in thought', too.
Mommy and Emily Posted by Picasa
Tricia, Kevin, Chuck, Tammy and the girls spent 7 days in FL, on the Keys. Wonder what Emily is thinking about -- probably Jamma! ha
Emily and Ashleigh
look like they have
a destination in mind.
Emily certainly looks like
she knows where she's going!

They all went deep sea
fishing. Looks like Chuck
and Emily are enjoying it.
Tricia, Kevin and Ashleigh
deep sea fishing--well,
there are some pictures
of them fishing, but I
picked out my favorite to
put on here. They caught
a lot of fish Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Emily wanted me to take a picture of her with her baby. She set up the props - even the teddy bear in front of the highchair. You can see that on the next picture.
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"Baby is sick. I give baby medicine." Looks like Boomer is hiding so he doesn't have to take medicine! Emily holds the dolls nose shut with one hand, just like Mommy does to her. Click on the picture and you will see Emily's mouth is open, too.
Oh no --- baby has to take MORE medicine!
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Emily playing with
the cupboard that her
Great Grandma Wendt's Playing 'house' at Jamma's - 25 mo
Grandpa made for HER.

Emily feeding one of
Jamma's babies.
"Formula" says Emily

Applesauce for baby-
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Catching snow flakes
My 2 little 'Snow Bunnies.'
Here we go-
Two tired little girls -  Posted by Picasa
Ok, I'm ready to go down that hill!
Tricia taking the girls down the hill in their yard. .
The girls had so much fun together
Emily tasting the snow Posted by Picasa
Emily getting her boots on so she can go sledding at Ashleigh's house.

Emily looks liked a chubby pink snowman.
Asheigh and Emily take a break from sledding so that their Mommy's could get a nice picture for the girl's scrapbooks. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I just had to share these adorable photos which were taken over Christmas. Emily is missing from this one - she had had 'enough!'
Look at that big smile! It's so cute - all 3 holding hands -- or maybe they are "holding onto Emily???"
'Nobody Loves Me Like My Dad' Posted by Picasa
Just like Mommy -they both sleep with one foot out of the covers.
Clean up time - Emily spilled apple sauce on her leg
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Snuggling with Mommy in the hospital

Breakfast in the hospital
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Emily was in the hospital almost 24 hours because she was dehydrated from the flu = got sick New Years Eve. Posted by Picasa